Our People
Our greatest asset is our hard-working, dedicated and entrepreneurial employees across the globe. Since our founding in 1932, our employees’ commitment to success has allowed Amphenol to grow to be one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. We honor this commitment by making the right choices for our business to deliver the best and safest working conditions for our employees.
Workplace Safety and Well-being
We recognize that the safety and well-being of our employees goes hand in hand with our success.

The safety and well-being of our employees is critical to our successful operation. Our health and safety activities are managed by local environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) resources, who coordinate on-site safety programs, resources, reporting and training such as first aid, fire safety and hazard communication. Our training hours are tracked in our Sustainable Development Reporting System and a number of our operations employ safety management systems, including ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001), in order to promote a safe working environment. Today, formal safety committees have been established at nearly 90% of our global in-scope manufacturing facilities. We believe that this model of tracking at the corporate level, but administering at the facility level, has allowed us to provide training and supervision that better fits the needs of our workforce.

At Amphenol, we believe that healthy and engaged employees create a more positive environment for all of us, helping to support our overall success. To promote employee well-being, many of our locations supplement traditional healthcare benefits with in-house health care clinics, mental health and counseling support, on-site flu shots, dental care, optional exercise classes, nutrition counseling and healthy food services. We also recognize that supporting our employees’ well-being often goes beyond just meeting their own needs, and in many of our locations, these services are also extended to spouses and children.

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Supporting the Fight Against COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amphenol headquarters has worked with our more than 100 businesses around the world to ensure we are protecting the safety and health of our employees and their families as well as supporting their local communities. When face masks, sanitizer and other critical supplies became hard to find, we leveraged our global supply chain to procure these items and distribute them to people in need. To date we’ve donated hundreds of thousands of N95 and surgical masks to hospitals, clinics, local governments, at risk individuals in the communities, employees and their families. Here are just some examples of the great initiatives we have undertaken around the world.

Sidney, New York, U.S.

Our operation is using their prototype lab to make face shields, which are being donated to local hospitals.

Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S.

Our team is donating necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to local hospitals. Amphenol donated nearly 4,500 masks to St. Joseph’s Hospital, The Elliott and Catholic Medical Center, Catholic Medical Center and Lahey Clinic.


Our team was approached by a group of volunteers who are working to create simple systems which allow seniors who are in quarantine in protected housing institutes to stay connected. Amphenol donated laptops and monitors to enable these seniors to communicate and stay in touch with their families.

Talent Development
We remain committed to investing in our people to provide them with the skills they need today and in the future.

Providing our employees with the right skills and knowledge is vital for their own personal development and our success. All of our business units support continuous learning as well as advanced training for the development of new skills. We also enable employee transfers in support of new job opportunities in different divisions or when employees choose to relocate. In addition, many of our facilities offer tuition reimbursement to support employee development. Some of our facilities also invest in training people from the local area in order to provide opportunities to the unemployed or to people with disabilities. At Amphenol, we view employee training as an investment, and we have continued to grow that investment in our employees.

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Mentoring for the Future
Amphenol Technology - Kocani, Macedonia

In 2019, our Amphenol Technology facility in Kocani, Macedonia continued our collaboration with the Gosho Vikentiev technical school through two different programs. The first program provides electronics and telecommunications training at the technical school, which is supplemented with periodic visits to our plant where students learn about the whole production process. Students become interns at Amphenol Technology Macedonia at the end of the training.

Another program targets unemployed young people between the ages of 18 to 29 in order to help them find future positions. The students begin in the training center, then they receive hands-on instruction in advanced production processes under the supervision of Amphenol mentors. After successfully passing the training, at least half of the students receive a position at Amphenol Technology Macedonia.

Community Outreach
Amphenol recognizes that our facilities and suppliers are an important interface with the community; thus, we actively engage with them and other stakeholders to understand how we can be better corporate citizens.

Our facilities actively engage with our communities because we realize how critical the health and vitality of these communities are to our own employees and to our business. Most of our community outreach is organized locally by our teams, which helps ensure that our efforts are directly supporting the local communities in which our employees live and work. These activities often include sponsoring and partnering with local charitable organizations to provide food for homeless shelters, organize activities at retirement centers, clean up local habitats, donate school supplies to needy children and sponsor gift drives during the holidays. In other cases, our facilities are improving their communities directly through the donations of resources or time. Whether through giving back to the community, volunteering time or creating opportunities for local employment, our teams at Amphenol remain committed to helping the communities in which they live.

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Helping to Train the Next Generation

Our teams maintain strong ties to schools to help train and enrich young people. Our Amphenol High-Speed Cable Assembly facility in Xiamen, China offers two educational programs each month to interested local primary school students to help enrich their technological knowledge. In St. Marys, Pennsylvania, U.S., our Amphenol Advanced Sensors facility hosts a manufacturing day to introduce middle schoolers to careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Diversity and Inclusion
At Amphenol, we aim to create an inclusive working environment where all employees are respected and treated equally regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion or age.

Our business spans the globe and our facilities reflect the diversity of our geographic footprint. We hire local talent to run our facilities because we believe they have the deepest understanding of their respective countries, cultures and employees. This diversity of our workforce and local knowhow is a key pillar of our continued success. Even though our sales and manufacturing capabilities are global, we do not impose a standardized global approach upon our businesses. Rather, Amphenol embraces a common global culture that encourages multiculturalism, agility, local empowerment and execution.

We embrace diverse perspectives as we believe they lead to better long-term outcomes for our employees and business. At Amphenol, we work to create an inclusive working environment where all employees are respected and treated equally regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion or age. This message is emphasized from the top of our organization down to each of our employees. Of our total employees worldwide, we are proud that more than half are women. Given the importance of diversity as part of our business strategy, improving the gender diversity of our management is a key objective for Amphenol.

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Creating Opportunities for Future Generations of Women

To honor the extraordinary life and contributions of our prior Chief Financial Officer and board member, Diana Reardon, we endowed the Diana Reardon Memorial Scholarship Fund at the University of Connecticut. These scholarships are available to female accounting majors who are residents of Connecticut and are based on merit and need. The donation is the largest ever received by the university’s accounting department and provides students with thousands of dollars per year towards tuition and school fees.